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About Prime Polygon. 

Prime Polygon began its journey in the music industry, creating visuals for world-famous artists like The Weeknd, Lil Nas X, Asake, and others. With a strong clientele and successful projects in the music space, our passion led us to explore various sectors such as TV shows/films, commercials, and product animation, expanding our reach to major league sports teams from the NBA, NFL, and FIFA, and culminating in successful collaborations with HBO, Magic Eden, and more, all united by a shared mission: to craft extraordinary visuals that elevate our clients to new heights.

Our vision is to empower artists, influencers, and businesses aiming for extraordinary heights to express their true essence and flourish.

Our secret sauce? A potent blend of unparalleled quality and turbocharged efficiency, ensuring that your brand's vision takes shape swiftly, leaving an indelible mark on your audience. Driven by the thrill of turning your dreams into reality.

Meet the Founder. 

Parallel Lines_edited_edited_edited.jpg
TUSHAR KHANDARIA Founder of Prime Polygon

A very passionate individual poised to add a whole new dimension to the very dynamic field of creativity.

Our Clients.

Meets our list of satisfied Clients & Partners based on multiple years of collaboration together.

Prime Polygon Client: Dallas Mavericks
Prime Polygon Client: Los Angeles Clippers
Prime Polygon Client: Louisville Cardinals
The Weeknd XO.png
Prime Polygon Client: FC Cincinnati
Prime Polygon Client: Los Angeles Lakers
Prime Polygon Client: Lil Nas X
Prime Polygon Client: Asake
Prime Polygon Client: Phoenix Suns
Prime Polygon Client: San Francisco 49ners
and many more...
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